Topical Classes

Engaging 45minute Zoom lessons to fit your schedule. 

Dynamic group classes (2-5 students), self-study and PDFs.

Special perks for Patreon members.

Join us for £12/class!

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June 2024 Class Info

Topical Group Classes

All Topical group Classes are 45 Minutes
B2 Upper Intermediate
C1 Advanced
  • All lessons take place on Zoom and Google Classroom.
    • Interactive Video Lessons.
  • All lessons are 45 minutes.
    • Designed to fit in with your working / study schedule.
  • Group sizes are 2 – 5 students.
    • Dynamic and Fun!
  • PDF Worksheets to study in class and at home.
    • Plus more opportunities for self-study.
  • 2 levels for upper intermediate and advanced English learners.
    • Learn with classmates in the right environment!
  • Price per class – £12
    • 20% off for all Thinking in English Patreon Members!
    • English Lover tier subscribers get 2 free classes a month.
    • English Master tier subscribers get 1 free class a month.