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Group Classes

  • All lessons take place on Zoom.
    • It works.
  • All lessons are 45 minutes.
    • Designed to fit in with your working / study schedule.
  • Group sizes are 2 – 5 students.
    • Interactive, Dynamic and Fun!
  • PDF Worksheets to study in class and at home.
    • Plus more opportunities for self-study.
  • 3 levels for intermediate to advanced English learners.
    • Learn with classmates in the right environment!
  • Price per class – $12
    • 20% off for all Thinking in English Patreon Members.
    • English Lover tier subscribers get 2 free classes a month!
  • Packages – Buy 4 classes, get 1 half-price!
    • $50 package – 5 classes
    • $40 package for Thinking in English members with 20% discount applied!

B1 - Lower intermediate

B2 - Upper intermediate

C1 - Advanced+

Private Tuition

Lessons with Nathan

Lessons with Thomas

  • One on One Zoom video calls.
    • Plus active communications through messaging and email platforms.
  • Total flexibility of schedules.
    • Book in to personal calendar and choose the best timeslot for you.
  • Personal plan to suit your language needs and interests
    • Customised record sheet and materials edited by your tutor.
  • Book in today.
    • See our full range of services, tuition rates and packages are.

Our Students

I love to practise with the support of Thinking in English. Every new chapter is offering me a broader experience to learn English!

Apple Podcasts User, Germany

Thank you for the great content and beneficial podcast. You are the best of the best teachers! πŸ˜‰

Apple Podcasts User, Ukraine

Thomas has always been friendly and encourages students to talk more. He puts lots of effort into each student and tries to expand the conversation based on one’s interests and needs. It helps a lot in getting more confidence and I’d recommend his conversation lesson to anyone who wants to practice speaking.

Private student, Taiwan

Nathan is a great choice if you are keen to improve your English professionally in all areas and not simply find a native speaker to talk to. I have been taking his lessons for about a half year and he has always taken every lesson seriously. He helped me to get to know the UK a lot better. Also I really like his gentle voice and British accent πŸ˜†

Private Student, London

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