Level Boost Courses

6-week English courses to boost your English level, at B1, B2 and C1+ levels.

Live online lessons via Zoom and self-study program with teacher feedback.

Course content follows the Oxford English File curriculum.

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Intensive and 1:1 options also available.

More Information in our FAQs below… ⬇

6 Week Online English Courses

  • All lessons take place on Zoom and Google Classroom.
    • Teachers are ready to optimize your online learning.
  • All lessons are 60 minutes.
    • Get in-depth speaking practice and teacher feedback.
  • Group sizes are 2 – 12 students.
    • Learn with a motivated and dedicated learner group.
  • Online material to study in class, before and after class.
    • A self-study program to match your English ambitions.
  • 2 levels for intermediate and upper intermediate English learners.
    • Learn with classmates in the right environment!
  • Price per course class, with pre- / post exercises – £20
    • Discounts for early bookers and returning students.
    • 10% extra off for all Thinking in English Patreon Members!

Course FAQs

The course teachers answer your Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the 6-week Level Boost courses?

In short: They are a set of new group courses started in January 2024. The course are run by English teachers Nathan and Peter. The six weeks include 6 live group lessons as well as a detailed self-study program. We have integrated reading, writing, listening, and speaking practice in and out of class. Alongside this, we will be providing content to further your knowledge of English grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation.

All the resources and exercises are graded to your level to make sure you are learning important English concepts, at the right time and in the right context. We will be on hand throughout to guide your learning and give our expert teacher feedback. We REALLY do think it’s the best way to level up your English online in 2024!

2. Who should sign up?

– Perhaps you’re feeling a bit stuck with English. You may sense your English progress is a bit slow.

– Perhaps you are aiming for quick improvement built on a strong foundation but you are unsure about creating an effective study plan.

– Perhaps you have specific goals in mind, such as enhancing your professional communication, taking those language exams, or simply becoming more confident in your day-to-day English conversations.


Whatever your personal situation, our 6-week Intensive Courses are here to turn uncertainties into opportunities. If you feel motivated to step up to the next level with English teacher guidance, then we recommend you book our courses now.

3. What level of English?

First, there’s the B1>B2 Intermediate course for those at the B1 level who want to move up to B2. This will have a focus on fundamentals such as past, present, future, perfect, and conditional tenses. Articles, prepositions, the passive voice, gerunds, infinitives, and so much more! If you feel you’ve already reached B2, but you feel you have forgotten a few things and need a bit more practice, you should also consider joining the B1>B2 Intermediate course. 


Then, there’s Upper Intermediate for those at B2 aiming for C1. We will explore the English language in greater nuance, as we seek to widen your range of comprehension and expression! We will be looking to answer the question: “What is that English speaker REALLY saying?”. If you feel you’re at a shaky C1 before and need to brush up on things, this level is a good fit.

4. Tell me more about the course method. How does it work?

Think of our courses as a learning experience like university-style seminars. We’ve designed this to mirror academic sessions, offering you more freedom to think critically and creatively. As a result, you will be learning more effectively. Each class targets different aspects of the skills and knowledge of the English language to give you a well-rounded understanding and exercise.

Here’s what you can expect from the 6 weeks of the course:

  • Preparation Activities: Before each class, you’ll have self-study activities to get ready for the lesson.

  • Interactive Class Sessions: In class, you get to ask the teacher about anything you find challenging. Plus, you will benefit from practicing your English with fellow like-minded students.

  • Reflective Weekly Writing Tasks: After each lesson, you’ll have a writing task to reinforce your new language skills.


We believe this structured program is not just the quickest way to learn but also ensures you remember everything you’ve learned. It’s all geared towards helping you level up your English in 2024. Join us for a fun and structured learning journey!

5. What will we learn?

In this course, we’ll be rotating the four main language skills: reading, writing, speaking, and listening. We’ll pay special attention to the three critical knowledge areas: vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation.


But that’s not all – we’ll also guide you in developing effective study skills. These are the techniques and tools that will make your lifelong learning journey more effective. By the end of the course, you’ll not only enhance your language skills but also acquire the skills to continue growing as a language learner.

6. When are the courses?

The courses take place on weekdays at several time slots. Please look at our course timetable and find the best time for you. We recommend you use a time converter as all the times we display are in UK (London) time.

Pick the day and time that suits you best! Once you choose, you’ll stick with that same time class time every week for six weeks. 

If these days and times don’t quite fit your schedule, don’t worry! You can let us know your preferred day or time by filling out our course registration form. We review the forms and can add more sessions based on the most popular choices, so your input is important!

May - June: Level Boost Courses Schedule

Here is an overview of the courses starting in Mid-May 2024

B1 > B2 Intermediate Level Boost

Here is info on our next course (unit 1) starts in March
  • Unit 1 – 21 May – 25 June 2024, Tuesdays 10:00 UK
  • Unit 1 – 23 May – 27 June 2024, Thursdays 16:00 UK

We are also offering an intensive option (2x classes a week)

  • B1 Units 1 + 2, 20 May – 26 June 2024, Mondays and Wednesdays 13:00 UK
  • B1 Units 1 + 2, 21 May – 27 June 2024, Tuesdays and Thursdays 17:00 UK

The final possibility is to join continuing students on course unit 2 or course unit 3 – if this fits your schedule best!

  • Unit 2 – 21 May – 25 June, Tuesdays 19:00 UK
  • Unit 2 – 22 May – 26 June, Wednesdays 11:00 UK
  • Unit 3 – 21 May – 25 June, Tuesdays 17:00 UK
  • Unit 3 – 23 May – 27 June, Thursdays 10:00 UK

B1 > B2 Upper Intermediate Level Boost

Here is info on our next course (unit 1) starts in March
  • Unit 1, 21 May – 25 June, Tuesdays 16:00 UK
  • Unit 1, 23 May – 27 June, Thursdays 11:00 UK
We are also offering an intensive option (2x classes a week)
  • Units 1 + 2, 20 May – 26 June 2024, Mondays and Wednesdays 14:00 UK
  • Units 1 + 2, 21 May – 27 June 2024, Tuesdays and Thursdays 19:00 UK
The final possibility is to join continuing students on course unit 2 or course unit 3 – if this fits your schedule best!
  • Unit 2, 23 May – 27 Jun, Thursdays 19:00 UK
  • Unit 2, 24 May – 28 June, Fridays 11:00 UK
  • Unit 3, 21 May – 25 June, Tuesdays 11:00 UK
  • Unit 3, 23 May – 27 June, Thursdays 17:00 UK

7. How much do courses cost?

The full price of the course is £120. That’s just £20 per week, and each week, you’ll enjoy a 60-minute live Zoom class plus our self-study program to keep you thinking in English throughout the whole week.

Now for the exciting part – we have discounts!
If you secure your spot before the 10th of May, you’ll receive a fantastic 10% discount.
Enter code: THINK for 10% off discount on all courses that start in May.

But that’s not all! Our Patreon subscribers receive an EXTRA 10% off on all offers. It’s our way of saying thank you for your support. That means Patreon members who book before the 10th of May will enjoy a HUGE 20% discount on the courses!

Finally, we reserve our largest discount for students who are continuing their course studies with us. Continuing students, who are Patreon members, can enjoy 25% off their future courses. It’s our way of saying thank you.
Don’t miss out on these amazing offers and make learning English with us even more affordable! 

8. What materials and resources will we use?

We have based our courses on the internationally renowned Oxford English File curriculum. This comprehensive curriculum serves as the backbone, providing a structured and proven framework for language learning. But we haven’t stopped there – we’ve gone the extra mile by meticulously adding our unique touch to Thinking in English Classes.

What sets our program apart is that we are offering you more than just language acquisition from a textbook. “Thinking in English” is designed to cultivate a mindset that goes beyond rote learning. We give you the support to internalize the language and think critically in English. It’s a learning experience that is not only effective but also intellectually stimulating.

9. Will I need to buy a textbook?

We are following the Oxford English File curriculum. If you prefer to study using a physical textbook, it’s a fantastic idea to study with the textbook during the course. It is our recommendation as the best way to experience the full course with the official textbook. 

Then online, we’ve got all the information you need for this course adapted for use through our Google Classroom! Annotated PDFs, Google Slides, Google Docs, wordlists, audio, and video are all available in our online classroom when you book with us.

10. How can I attend the Intensive Course?

All you need to do is visit our website to book your spot. The classes will run at the same time every week for six exciting weeks, and we’ll be meeting on Zoom. Worried about missing out on learning materials? Don’t be! Everything you need will be shared with you on Google Classroom.

Once you sign up for the course, you’ll receive email invitations for both the Zoom calls and the Google Classroom. It’s as simple as that! Ready to embark on this learning journey with us? Head to our booking tool and let’s get started!

11. What are the intensive courses?

Our normal course schedule runs 1 class a week for 6 weeks. The class is a live zoom call with your English teacher and your coursemates working on English language exercises. We also offer an intensive option with 2 classes a week for the most serious English learners who want English results fast!

Remember that our course builds in self-study program too, so to make the most of your course you will set aside 1-2 hours for self-study to prepare for and reflect on your English knowledge. Our aim is to challenge you, so you you become an effective English learner.
You will see the quickest results when you take our intensive course option!

12. Can I take the second course unit, if I have not taken the first course unit?

Yes, you can. We recommend you follow our course sequence from course unit 1 to course unit 5 in 2024 to really master your English level at the B2 or the C1 level. However it is possible to mix up the order of units if this presents a better opportunity for you.

Message us if you have any questions when choosing your course option.

If you have the motivation and you want to REALLY maximize your English studies over 6 weeks, then we have our intensive courses which cover course units 1 and 2 in 6 weeks!

13. There are no course times that fit my schedule, can I take private 1:1 classes?

Yes. Nathan and Peter are happy to offer the Level boost course as a 1:1 tuition course just for you. We will give you the ability to choose any time that fits with your schedule. Book in an intro call with us and we will instruct you on how we can arrange a private course option.

Also, outside of the courses we run private tuition that is totally customised to your unique English language needs and interests. We offer discounts through our packages and even offer an extra 10% discount to Patreon members. Again, we recommend you book an intro call so we can meet and discuss your English learning motivations!